Food Research and Development

Develop new products, optimize the process and manage costs

We optimize your production and packaging processes

Collaboration teams for food research and development


Participating in a collaborative project provides access to potential partners and financial sources. Food Development accompanies you through each step of launching your project.
Food innovation project


Transforming an innovative idea into an industrial success takes multiple skills and steps. We are at your side from the development of recipes to the industrialization of products and processes.
Food r&d challenges and innovation processes


Increase the performance of your products in the market and reduce costs. For over ten years we have been helping the food processing industry resolve their most complex R&D challenges.
Innovation through applied research

As a food and beverage provider you have to innovate to ensure your business grows. You need reliable, external expertise and resources to help you meet your goals.

Project collaboration gathers the available skills and resources required to carry out ambitious research programs in terms of content, results and impact. It also provides access to public funding for R&D.

Food Development has gained industry recognition, endorsed by French centers of competition, and has led collaborative research projects, most notably around:

  • documenting the evolution of the texture of cooked rice during conservation
  • optimizing the nutritional value of the standard baguette
  • improving the organoleptique quality of foie gras and duck breast

Increasing nutritional value

The collaborative research project PAN&SENS yielded a baguette higher in fiber and lower in salt

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R&D collaboration on demand

The expertise and experience of Food Development has been recognized with an accreditation as an Organisme de Recherche from the Ministère de la Recherche et de l'Enseignement Supérieur. This accreditation allows us to work across all sectors of food business.

We offer personalized collaboration, working alongside your team. Based on your needs, we bring together the right members of our expert network of researchers in catering, gourmet products and food designers.

Food Development offers you a wide choice of services and consulting resources, including, among others:

  • optimizing your recipes, reducing salt, clean labelling, gluten-free
  • developing new products, creating test products and industrializing the products that have been developed
  • defining a new line of production
  • training your staff to lead R&D projects and product manufacturing

Develop food products

Getting the dough to rise in organic, gluten-free products is a project on its own and requires specialized research

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efficiency and confidentiality

Increase revenue, stand out from the competition or stay on top of new consumer trends – there are many reasons to innovate. However, it is often essential to have expert support in order to be more efficient and reduce the time to complete projects.

From product development to improvements in the packaging process, Food Development identifies suppliers or materials while guaranteeing the confidentiality of your R&D projects, a strategic necessity for your brand.

For more than ten years Food Development has been producing results for leaders in the food industry and resolving many of their food research and development challenges, including:

  • increasing the Best Before Date for salad green grocers
  • reducing additives (notably sorbital) in prepared food
  • driving innovation of gluten-free bread, pastries and cakes
  • publishing a study on the challenges specific to complex food combinations
  • developing and deploying a workshop for the production of appetizers

Crédit Impôt Recherche

Since 2006, Food Development's accreditation by the Organisme de Recherche has been renewed every 3 years.

More information about the CIR

Ministere de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche

Crédit Impôt Innovation

Food Development is also certified by the Crédit d'Impôt Innovation (CII) to provide assistance to food and beverage innovators.

More information about the CII

Ministère de l'économie de l'industrie et du numérique

Providing structure for your food innovation projects

Launching new products is just part of the story. Creating a structure for food innovation allows you to control and reduce the risks involved.

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