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Food Development's history working with companies and organizations to reinvent the food industry

Food Development milestones

Création de Food Development


After over 15 years in positions as head of development or general director in the food industry, Vincent Lafaye created Food Development in Nantes, in the heart of the largest area for food production and innovation of France.

Une Jeune Entreprise Innovante

Food Development becomes a member of "Young Innovative Enterprises"

Food Development joined the Nantes incubator "Atlanpole". Vincent Lafaye is recognized by the Atlantic Entrepreneurs Network and the company earns the status of "Young Innovative Company", providing the means to develop the business.

Un Organisme de Recherche du Ministère

Food Development is accredited by the Minister of Research

The company becomes accredited by the Minister of Research, a status which is renewed every three years.

Installation dans les locaux de l'INRA

Move to an INRA location

Convinced of the importance of having links between public entities and private enterprise, Food Development establishes privileged links with the INRA and moves into one of their locations at the Géraudière in Nantes.

Croissance de Food Development

Company growth

More employees are hired and the company moves into larger offices, still at the INRA location.

Laboratoire Culinaire

Culinary laboratory

To provide a solution to the increasing demands of the growing client list, Food Development establishes a culinary laboratory in order to create and conduct product formula experimentation.

Sciences et Cuisine

Sciences & Cuisine

Creation of Sciences & Cuisine in Pays de la Loire in partnership with PONAN and the INRA Nantes center. The regional center of the foundation "Science and Food Culture" gains the support of the French Academy of Science.

Création de la PRI Cap Aliment

Creation of the PRI Cap Aliment

Food Development partners with the Regional Platform of Innovation "Cap Aliment" supported by the Région des Pays de la Loire and led by the Regional Agency for Pays de la Loire.

le PLM pour la simulation des recettes

New developments: PLM for recipe simulation

Food Development launches MULSII, PLM software dedicated to R&D in the food industry. This makes it possible to optimize R&D projects by reducing the costs and delays of getting to market.

Des solutions à la nouvelle réglementation

Food Development offers a solution for complying with new industry regulations

The software version of MULSII-INCO is proposed to the food processing industry and food service industry to help businesses conform to the strict INCO labeling requirements including allergens and nutritional information.



star 1 Food Development History success - Recognized by the Organisme de Recherche for expenses eligible for the Credit Import Recherche CIR.png.png
Recognized by the Research Organization for expenses eligible for the Crédit Import Recherche (CIR).
star 2 Food Development History success - Food Development is a partner with Sciences and Cuisine.png
Food Development is a partner with Sciences & Cuisine
star 3 Food  Development History success - Approved by the Crédit d'Impôt Innovation CII, a new source of aid for innovative enterprises.png
Approved by the Crédit d'Impôt Innovation (CII), a new source of aid for innovative enterprises.
star 4 Food Development is engaged to assist the Russian distributor, SPAR in planning a poultry processing plant.png
Food Development is engaged to assist the Russian distributor, SPAR in planning a poultry processing plant.
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