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Mulsii PLM

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Labeling - food label software


Quickly edit your labels and automatically include a list of ingredients, allergens and the origin of the products.
Food innovation management system


The collaborative web application maximizes each area of expertise involved in production by gathering all the information and following a product through its entire lifecycle.
Recipe simulation


Take control of your R&D budgets using the simulation software to identify allergy risks, nutritional value and the production cost of your recipes.

The EU rules for "INformation COnsommateur" or "Consumer Information Act" n° 1169/201 requires that all food and beverage professionals inform their clients of the composition of their products and the presence of allergens.

These requirements apply to the list of ingredients of foodstuffs included, with the declaration of allergens and of origins. The list of nutritional values on labels will be mandatory starting December 13, 2016.

Every professional in the food & beverage industry, restaurants, gourmet producers and industrial companies are required to comply. To assist you with a fast and simple method for conforming with these regulations, Food Development has created the Mulsii INCO application. No need for a local installation, this SaaS application is always accessible, without any additional maintenance costs through a web browser.

Editing nutritional value tables

Consumer Information regulations require a specific format for the nutritional value table.

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Mulsii PLM
Managing food and beverage research and development

Mulsii project management software for R&D was created specifically for the food industry. It is a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tool, designed to manage and distribute all the information for development, production and market launch of food products. It covers the entire product lifecycle, from conception to end-of-life.

The food management software is available online and allows your R&D team quick access to an application tailored to fit your needs. This lets you focus on the key tasks and objectives in research and development of new products.

PLM is a software solution that lets you:

  • minimize delays of going to market by reducing the number of resources involved
  • produce a project management plan
  • provide a central repository of project-related items
  • calculate your retro-plannings
  • gain the benefit of a dashboard
  • note the tasks to be entered in the calculation for the Crédit Impôt Recherche
  • verify nutritional requirements are met


One word that can have many meanings

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evaluate your recipes

Digital is everywhere and it has arrived in the culinary industry. Architects and aviation engineers have long used simulations in their projects. Food R&D engineers can also benefit from employing recipe simulations for new products. A PLM will help you conceive, produce and follow your food innovations throughout their lifecycle.

Used correctly, a PLM allows you to:

  • evaluate the nutritional value of a recipe
  • calculate the cost to go to market
  • identify the presence of allergens
  • reduces the number of laboratory tests
  • make your raw ingredients go further
  • reduce development costs

what is PLM ?

PLM means "Product Lifecycle Management"

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