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Vincent Lafaye


Viadeo Vincent Lafaye Linkedin Vincent Lafaye

Agricultural engineer ONIRIS (ex-ENITIAA), Vincent also holds a masters degree in management and marketing. He created Food Development after 15 years of experience in the food processing industry, with a specialization in catering/prepared food production and subsidiary production as a managing director. Vincent is also a certified consultant for the DINAMIC program.


Magali Jouany

Project manager: MULSII

Viadeo Magali Jouany Linkedin Magali Jouany

Magali holds a Master Pro Innovation in the food industry. Participating since the kickoff of the MULSII project, she focuses on the design part of the software. She deploys MULSII for clients who embrace PLM, training their users on the software.

Géraldine Gourlaouen

Noémie Bruneau

R&D Technician

Noemie holds a higher diploma in Food Sciences and Technology from ONIRIS as well as a professional degree in food security, production and Innovation Management. Noemie works closely with Project Managers in the realization of R&D food projects : lab and industrial trials, state of the art and technological development monitoring, management of the food lab.

Géraldine Gourlaouen

Géraldine Gourlaouen

Project manager : Innovation

Géraldine holds both a MSc Marketing and Management in Food industry and a degree in Food aromas from ISIPCA . With 15 years experience alongside industrial corporations, she is more specifically involved in Innovation Management and managing creative projects.


Arnaud Orger-Turbin

Project manager: Research and MULSII

Viadeo Arnaud Orger-Turbin Research Gate Arnaud Orger-Turbin

Doctor in Alimentary Science, Arnaud produced a thesis in 2012 on the mechanism of yeast fermentation of bread dough. At Food Development, he divides his time between the launching and direction of collaborative research projects and the deployment of MULSII for clients.


Marie-Claude Davies

Marie-Claude est titulaire d’un BTS assistante de direction trilingue et a travaillé en France et en Angleterre en tant qu’Assistante du Dirigeant, Responsable Commerciale et plus récemment Acheteur international. Accueil, organisation, gestion, commercial, polyvalence, international sont les mots clés de sa fonction au sein de l’équipe. Bilingue anglais, elle assiste le Dirigeant dans sa mission ainsi que les différents collaborateurs.

Grégoire Fronteau

Grégoire Fronteau

Project Manager : R&D

As an ONIRIS Agriculture Engineer, Grégoire holds both a MSc in conception and optimization of food products and a professional degree in food production management. Grégoire assists Food Development clients with the implementation of R&D projects: development/modifying food products, food processing and packaging.

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